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Friends of Transcontinental Music

The Acquisition of Transcontinental Music and Impact on the American Conference of Cantors and Establishment of “Friends of Transcontinental Music” 

Count me in! I would like to become a Friend of Transcontinental Music. I hereby make the following financial commitment payable by July 31, 2018:

MAESTRO (payable over 3 years) $36,000.00
CONDUCTOR (payable over 3 years) $18,000.00
SECTION LEADER (payable over 3 years) $7,200.00
SOLOIST $3,600.00
COMPOSER $1,800.00
SINGER $360.00
BOOSTER $180.00
Other amount below $0.00

All donors to the Friends of Transcontinental Music will be acknowledged in accordance with the ACC Donor Recognition Policy and through future TMP publications. Thank You for Your Contribution. Your donation to the American Conference of Cantors is greatly appreciated.

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