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Joint Cantorial Placement Commission/American Conference of Cantors


Cantor’s Application to Enter Placement Prior to completing this application, please review the Placement Procedures of the Joint Cantorial Placement Commission and the other information and guidelines on the ACC Website at www.accantors.org.

full-time or limited-service position
High Holiday position
regular member
associate member
graduating DFSSM student
Tier 1 - open to all regular and associate members
Tier 2 - open to members who have been Regular Members for 3 years or more (Please note: Associate membership years do not count toward your 3 years)

*(only Cantors who are unemployed or employed half-time or less are eligible for the CIR program)


As an applicant for Placement through the JCPC and ACC, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. I agree to conduct my search solely through the office of the Joint Cantorial Placement Commission in consultation with the ACC Director of Placement.

2. I have read the JCPC and ACC Placement Procedures and agree to adhere to all of the procedures contained therein.

3. I am a member in good standing of the ACC. I am current with my membership dues and have paid my dues for the current fiscal year (which starts August 1). I am in full compliance with the ACC Code of Ethics.

4. I am eligible to apply for Placement at this time, in accordance with the entry guidelines set forth in the “Placement Procedures of the Joint Cantorial Placement Commission” JCPC Procedures for regular members, associate members, and SSM graduates. I am eligible to work in the United States (and/or Canada, if I pursue an opportunity there).

5. I understand that I will not be considered registered for Placement until my resume and audition recording are approved by the Placement Director.

6. I understand that the Placement year runs from August 1 through July 31, and that I must reapply for Placement each year. If I remain unplaced at the conclusion of this placement year, I will have the opportunity to meet with a member of the Placement Advisory Group to review my Placement situation, including my resume, audition CD, interview approach, career history, goals, and objectives.

7. I will keep the Placement Office updated on my status, including resume requests and interviews, my receipt of a job offer, and pending and concluded negotiations. I will notify the office when I sign a contract and submit a copy to the Placement Office for their files.

8. I will not contact, or send a resume or CD to, a congregation directly until initial contact has been established by the Placement Office.

By entering my name on this electronic form, I agree to all of the terms and policies above.

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