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MEMBERSHIP DUES INVOICE Annual Membership Dues Invoice Due by October 31

*I understand and acknowledge that, as a member of the ACC, I am bound by, and it is my responsibility to read, understand and abide by, the ACC's governing documents. All of the ACC's governing documents maybe found at www.accantors.org or by calling the ACC office.

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Dues Calculation

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Regular Member Dues


Associate and ACC-CA Dual Memberships


URJ Partner Organization Membership Affiliations:

ACC dues may be reduced by the amount paid to another URJ Affiliate Organization, but not less than $275. E.g., ACC full dues minus ARJE dues equals New ACC Dues Amount: $1,750 - $600 = $1,150 new ACC dues.

Documentation must be provided. Upon receipt of your documentation, the amount of your URJ Affiliate Organizational dues will be refunded. Please fax documentation to 847-781-7801.

Enhanced dues $360.00
Chai fund tribute card bundle $180.00
ARZA Clergy Membership $50.00
Chesed Fund $18.00

Please add any additional donations you'd like to make to the ACC.


Donation levels are: MAESTRO: $36,000; CONDUCTOR: $18,000; SECTION LEADER: $7,200; SOLOIST: $3,600; COMPOSER $1,800; CHORISTER: $720; SINGER: $360; BOOSTER: $180; PARTICIPANT $72; PARTICIPANT $36; PARTICIPANT $18

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